Frequently Asked Questions



If there is anything I haven't covered here that you would like to know, please feel free to email me or give me a call.  

I'm not sure if hypnobirthing is for me, how do I know it's the right choice?

A good place to start is my article here. Common misconceptions include the notion that hypnobirthing is a new age practice with no substance, and that you will lose control as you are under hypnosis. Nothing could be further from the truth! Hypnobirthing is based in science, a lot of clients have 'lightbulb' moments whilst taking a course as it all comes together and makes sense! Be reassured, there is no vagina whispering in my classes. The one caveat is that you must practice. Reframing how you perceive birth and achieving a deep state of relaxation does require commitment. I'm always available for a no pressure call or feel free to ask me questions via email if you would prefer. If you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram you'll see lots of informative posts to get an idea of whether hypnobirthing is for you.

Isn't hypnobirthing just for completely natural, candle-lit, whale music home births?

This has come from the incorrect notion that if you experience any form of pain, you aren't doing it right. Hypnobirthing does not promise a pain free birth, and anything that does should be avoided! Pain is very subjective, everyone experiences it differently. Hypnobirthing gives you the toolkit to navigate ANY journey that labour takes. You may choose to birth at home, in a midwife led unit, or on a labour ward; and hypnobirthing techniques are extremely useful in all these scenarios. You don't achieve a 'hypnobirth', you use hypnobirthing techniques to help in any given situation. Hypnobirthing doesn't guarantee that your birth will follow a particular path, but it does stack the odds in your favour of having the birth you desire. My courses are completely non-judgmental, providing evidence based information whilst respecting any personal preferences.

I'm up for trying hypnobirthing, but my birth partner needs convincing!

A key part of my courses is involving the birth partner. They need to be onboard with hypnobirthing as a technique to be able to support the birthing person effectively. I usually find that when I talk about the theory and science behind hypnobirthing, the birth partner realises how much sense it all makes! We will also focus on practical ways a birth partner can help, both before and during labour. I'm always happy to have an informal, no obligation chat with you and your partner to answer any queries. I also run occasional taster sessions, so do follow me on Facebook and Instagram to find out about forthcoming events.

What evidence-based research is out there to say that hypnobirthing really works?

A recent study (Veringa-Skiba et al 2021) looked at the effects of fear of childbirth, comparing 'enhanced care as usual' with 'mindfulness based childbirth and parenting' (hypnobirthing techniques). Using data from mindfulness-based childbirth education and obstetric interventions, researchers found that parents who had a fear of childbirth and took a hypnobirthing class were: 36% less likely to have an epidural
51% less likely to ask for a Caesarean birth
Twice as likely to have a medicated birth than those who didn't do the course
Had babies with higher APGAR scores 1 minute after birth Mindfulness based childbirth education was significantly superior to 'enhanced care as usual' in decreasing fear of childbirth, catastrophizing of labour pain, preference for non urgent obstetric interventions, and increasing acceptance of labour pain. For more info on the study: Another study by UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) involved 680 first time mums from 3 hospitals. The findings show that those women randomised to self-hypnosis, 27.9% requested an epidural compared to 30.3% in the control group. However, when asked two weeks after birth, women who practised hypnobirthing had a greater reduction in fear and anxiety about childbirth compared to the control group.
Professor Downe who ran the trial, commented that "All those who agreed to be interviewed found hypnobirthing to be helpful, both in labour and other areas of their lives." Most also later reported having had positive experiences, saying that hypnobirthing helped them feel calm, confident and empowered before and during their births. "They had started off as being sceptical, but they ended up being really positive about the technique, as did their partners," said Dr Downe. "Many continued to use it after the birth of their babies." More clinical research needs to be done into hypnobirthing in general, however there is also an overwhelming body of anecdotal positive birth stories that show the techniques can be effective in any given scenario. Whether you opt for medication or not, all routes are equally valid, and there's no judgement. What's important is that you are fully informed making those decisions, feel respected and empowered. Hypnobirthing techniques are not mutually exclusive, you can opt for gas and air, remifentanil or an epidural for example and still use hypnobirthing techniques to great effect.

When should I book a course for?

After you've had your 20 week scan is a good time to get in touch to book in some dates. Ideally its a good idea to do the course between 25 and 35 weeks. However, if you are rapidly approaching your due date, the 3 hour Hypnobirthing workshop would be perfect (this comes with the full client manual and 3 mp3s as well as my ongoing support)

I'm classed as high risk/under consultant led care, is hypnobirthing right for me?

Absolutely! In fact, it's when you're presented with potentially challenging circumstances that hypnobirthing really comes into its own. Knowing how to work with your body rather than against it, using the breathing and visualisation techniques, and having an in-depth knowledge of what happens during labour is going to help immensely. The birth affirmation that worked for me when labour took a different route with my eldest was 'Breathe for me, breathe for my baby'. This resonated with me and reminded me that although I was now faced with something unexpected, if I could stay calm then that would help keep my baby calm too. Have a read of my positive birth stories here.

Isn't hypnobirthing just for first time mums?

Hypnobirthing is useful whether this is your first, second, or sixth baby! Every pregnancy is different and no two births follow the same path. Maybe you had a difficult first birth and are keen to have a more positive experience second time round? A lot of people find out about the difference hypnobirthing can make and go on to have a much improved subsequent birth.

What is included with the courses?

In addition to the course content, you will receive:

  • a comprehensive client manual
  • 6 mp3s to practise at home
  • access to The Little Birth Company online client area with extra handouts
  • access to The Little Birth Company Facebook community group
  • a lovely goodie bag with some useful info and freebies
  • my ongoing support up to the birth

What's the difference between an instructor-led course and a book/mp3/online only course?

A book and mp3 only course will give you a good understanding of hypnobirthing, but it isn't tailored to you and your individual circumstances. You can't ask questions and get those immediate answers specific to your situation. If your pregnancy takes a different turn, we can work with that and address any concerns you have about the change in plan or preparation. You are also much more likely to 'do your homework' inbetween sessions if you've got me asking how it's going! You only get to do this birth once. The birth you have has an impact on your baby's start in life and your mental and physical health. Your experience will stay with you for the rest of your life, so view hypnobirthing as an investment into making that experience a positive one.

I know I'll be having an elective caesarean, is hypnobirthing useful in these circumstances?

Absolutely! I run a 3 hour Positive Caesarean workshop which is completely tailored to having an elective caesarean, have a look at the detail here.

Which areas do you cover for in-person courses?

Areas I cover include Southampton, the New Forest, Portsmouth, Fareham, the Hamble peninsula (Bursledon, Netley, Hamble), Warsash and Sarisbury Green, Hedge End, Fairoak, Winchester, Eastleigh etc. Do get in touch if you are further afield however, as I'm sure we can arrange something that is suitable for you.

What is your cancellation policy?

Heavenly Hypnobirthing reserves the right to amend or cancel any course, course times, dates or published prices. Changes to course prices, times and dates will be advised before the course start date and any course already paid in full will not be subject to the amended prices. Should Heavenly Hypnobirthing need to cancel part of a course, a refund will only be given for the part of the course not yet delivered minus the cost of course materials.

I reserve the right to switch to online teaching only should the Covid-19 pandemic situation change, for both your and my own safely. In the circumstances a full refund will not be granted as the course content is exactly the same. However I would be happy to give a partial refund reflecting the difference between in person and online course prices.

In the case of cancellation by a client of the Complete Hypnobirthing course, £150 is non-refundable. In the case of cancellation by a client of the Hypnobirthing Workshop or the Positive Caesarean Workshop, £50 is non-refundable. Further to that, the following cancellation charges will apply:

30 or more days before course start date: No further cancellation charge

14-29 days before course start date: 50% of course fee

13 or fewer days before course start date: 100% of course fee

Please get in touch with me if there are extenuating circumstances.

In the unlikely event the course date you have chosen is cancelled by me, you will be offered alternative date(s). If you cannot attend these dates, I will refund your full course fee.

A copy of my full Terms & Conditions will be supplied at the time of booking.