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Louise & Paul

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


I wish I did hypnobirthing with my first child. Katie was absolutely fantastic and taught us things we wouldn't have thought of, being our second child I thought I knew it all but I did not. Katie was very kind and understanding of what me and my husband wanted and helped us prepare for birth. By the time we finished the course we were very prepared and ready and excited to give birth. The breathing techniques that we learned helped me before birth, during and after, I could not have done it without them. I was determined to give birth without any pain relief and I done it just by using the breathing techniques (I did ask for pain relief but baby was coming quick) I managed to calm myself down and get in the zone and it felt like it was just me in the room breathing my baby out. I would highly recommend hypnobirthing to anyone, it was such a fantastic experience and helped me give birth the way I wanted. Thank you so much Katie 💕

Brooke & Neil

The Hypnobirthing Workshop


We had a Hypnobirthing Workshop and found it very beneficial as well as interesting. The time flew by and the whole workshop was very relaxed. Katie has a great way of explaining all things to make it easier to understand and provided us with so many resources to use at home. We couldn’t recommend Heavenly Hypnobirthing enough!

Lemmy & Danny

The Hypnobirthing Workshop


Me and my partner had a hypnobirthing session with Katie. I think Katie was brilliant, she is very knowledgeable and actively listened to us and our worries. Katie’s course has given us tools that will certainly help during labour! And we both learnt a lot today. I think this course is very beneficial and I’m really glad we did it. Katie is incredibly kind and supportive. I would highly recommend Heavenly Hypnobirthing to any expecting mothers/partners.



Kate & Jake

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


Wow! Can’t recommend Katie enough! She has taught and supported us both so much and help us to make informed decisions about our birth journey for which we are so grateful. Katie has been professional, gentle, sensitive and supportive, a hub of knowledge and easily contactable, having the 1:1 sessions have been invaluable. Thank you!

Nicky & Will

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


We are so glad we did Katie’s hypnobirthing course! My partner and I were feeling very anxious and scared of birth due to hearing so many horror stories over the years, and Katie has done wonders to change our opinion on this. I’d never have thought in a million years I’d be excited to birth our baby, but I genuinely am. Katie is a great teacher and is very focused on what will work best for us as opposed to basing her teaching on opinion, and has given us a huge range of tools to use in practically any birth situation. Thank you so much for changing our perspective and giving us confidence for when the big moment arrives 🥰 xxx

Emily & Freddie

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


We had such a good experience with Heavenly Hypnobirthing. As first time parents we wanted to feel as prepared as we could going into the birth so we booked the Complete Hypnobirthing Programme. Katie was so knowledgeable and accommodating. If we went off topic or had questions Katie would do everything she could to find an answer and find evidence to help us make decisions. We feel so much more empowered and dare I say even looking forward to the birth! The course changed our mindset completely towards labour and we feel so much better equipped going into this next stage of pregnancy. The relaxation techniques are so useful for not only the birth but for everyday life. We want to thank Katie for everything she has done for us. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about the birthing process and wanting to make it a positive experience.

Lace & Nicholas

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


From start to finish Katie’s course covers everything hypnobirthing related and you come out of it with so much more knowledge and tools to use for giving birth than you could have hoped for! I managed to breathe so well through my whole labour and truly believe that without doing this course I would have been a clueless panicking mess, however I turned up to hospital to discover I was 9cm dilated but was so calm and collected as I knew what was going on and had been focussing so much on my breathing and what I needed to do! I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who will listen to me talk about it :)

Me and my partner were so anxious about the birth at first and every visit with Katie just made things seem clearer and less terrifying in our minds. It enabled us to make informed decisions when it came to the delivery of our baby and we are so grateful!

My partner even got congratulated by the midwives and hospital staff for being so calm and supportive on the big day and knowing exactly what to do to help me!! Saturday mornings aren’t the same without the course and we really appreciate the continued support after the birth as well!!

Ashlee & Seb

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme

Going into labour as the birth partner I can only highly recommend taking a hypnobirthing course. Katie truly helped me and my partner to be prepared, calm and looking forward to labour in the most positive way. She guided us to understanding that it might not be as planned and to embrace the changes and make the most out of every situation. I am very grateful and happy to have done the course with Katie. It was fantastic and I highly recommend her!



Andrea & Nick

The Positive Caesarean Workshop


We took part in the Positive Caesarean Workshop with Katie in August '22, ready for the planned Caesarean birth of our baby in September. I was feeling extremely anxious and scared about the procedure due to things going out of control during my first Caesarean birth 5 years ago.


Katie was really helpful when I initially reached out to her and continued to be supportive up until I gave birth. She helped me overcome a fear that had built up inside my head, and taught me coping mechanisms to relieve feelings of anxiety. Straight after doing the course, I felt stronger, calmer, more focussed and positive about what was to come. I would highly recommend Katie if you are considering doing a Hypnobirthing course.  

Rachel & Stuart

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


Both my husband and I really enjoyed the whole course with Katie! We were surprised at how much we learned, and how we went from feeling nervous and uninformed regarding birth prior to the course, to then by the end of the last session feeling excited and ready with lots of tools to use! Katie was warm and friendly and I would highly recommend her and the course to anyone :) 

Jess & Pete

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


My partner and I really enjoyed our hypnobirthing course. Katie was very friendly and very knowledgeable and continues to support us. We both feel many times more prepared for our baby's birth than we would have en had we not done the course with Katie. Thank you so much!

Louisa & Joe

The Hypnobirthing Workshop


We had a great experience with Katie. My husband and I felt a weight had lifted after our session. I learnt loads and so did Joe. The resources sent through are brilliant, e.g. mp3s and birth plan draft. It's also great to know we'll now have Katie's continued support.

Katharine & Joshua

The Hypnobirthing Workshop


Would highly recommend. My husband and I found the course both informative and confidence building. The techniques we learnt really helped us navigate the eventual labour and gave us a real sense of confidence.

Sinead & Graham

The Hypnobirthing Workshop


Katie packed so much into a half day course with us, we feel so much more prepared and confident already. We have tools to help with any fears relating to childbirth and early parenthood, and we understand so much more now about the process. How the birth of our first child goes still feels like an unknown, but however things turn out I feel like everything will be okay.

Kosiwa & Matthew

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


What can I say, such an amazing experience with Heavenly Hypnobirthing. I'm so excited to give birth, my husband and I are feeling a lot more prepared, and this is all because of the information and resources Katie has provided us with, so thank you!!!

We've learnt so much over the past few months and feel fully informed about our choices around birth. Despite having some external challenges along the way (which Katie has helped us to think about pragmatically), our thoughts around the birth have remained positive and this is all because of the course.

I would strongly recommend to anyone considering. It is one of the most important thing in life to prepare for. Thank you Katie!

Anisha & Dean

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


I decided to try hypnobirthing for my second pregnancy due to a difficult labour with my son. I was anxious and scared thinking about the birth of my second, and wanted to try anything to ease the anxiety. I contacted Katie after finding her website, and loved the idea of having 1:1 sessions so that we could cater our sessions specifically to our situation. Katie was so prompt and contacted me the very same evening to talk everything through; she instantly put us at ease.

Both myself and my partner now feel so much more prepared for the birth of our baby; my partner feels more empowered and confident in advocating for our birth decisions. The sessions were so informative and Katie is so helpful, often sending me research to help back up my decisions and always being available to chat to!

I just want to thank Katie for helping me maintain a positive attitude about the birth and I cannot wait to welcome our new arrival.

Lauren & Dan

The Hypnobirthing Workshop


My husband and I loved having Katie over to our house recently for a Hypnobirthing Workshop. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my third baby. I did practice some hypnobirthing with my second pregnancy which did help massively, and so this time around I wanted to channel some more positivity, have the opportunity to talk and remind myself of the benefits of hypnobirthing.

Katie was great, we felt very relaxed and I felt much more empowered after the workshop. I also have lots of resources and information to look through, and I found it all so helpful and reassuring.

Thank you Katie, you really are great!

Rachel & Tom

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


Katie has been fantastic educating us around birth and relaxation techniques. Me and my husband now feel so much more informed and confident going forward, and are excited for the arrival of our new addition. Katie has gone beyond expectations, both on the course and afterwards, and has been a great support. Thank you Katie x

Rebecca & Matt

The Hypnobirthing Workshop


I chose to take the Hypnobirthing Workshop course and would highly recommend! This is my second pregnancy and I wanted to feel prepared with all the tools for a natural birth this time around. Katie is brilliant, the workshop covered so much, she made me feel at ease, calm and gave me confidence to believe in my body's ability to birth my baby. 

Her after course support is invaluable too, offering advice and knowledge. Very grateful knowing she's there if I have any questions too. Genuinely feel I have all the hypnobirthing tools I need now, and ready to give birth! Thank you Katie!

Corinne & Sam

The Hypnobirthing Workshop


We had a wonderful course with Katie, she was very friendly and a great communicator, the time flew by! I'm feeling calmer about birth with some great relaxation techniques to help me get through labour! I would also say Katie goes above and beyond in terms of being willing to keep in touch and answer questions, and the course is amazing value for money. Thanks Katie :)

Jill & Craig

The Positive Caesarean Workshop


Had a great course with Katie today. We feel much more confident and calm about birth. The relaxation techniques and guided tracks were very effective. Katie was able to give information about labour and becoming new parents which left us with peace of mind.

Ashleigh & Adam

The Hypnobirthing Workshop


I signed up for a free 1 hour session with Katie and she was so lovely that I knew I wanted to do further work with her to prepare for my birth. After the session Katie and I talked through the different courses she ran and as I was so near my due date, and because I had already completed an antenatal programme, she suggested a workshop, rather than signing up for loads of sessions- which was lovely as other places I’d looked into were still trying to get me to sign up to multi-sessions with only 5 weeks to go!

The 3 hour workshop was fantastic and all the knowledge as well as practical relaxation exercises were fab and I’ve been practicing ever since. I feel emotionally and mentally prepared for birth now and would 100% recommend Heavenly Hypnobirthing to anyone – even my partner really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Hannah & Liam

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


We really enjoyed our hypnobirthing course. From initially feeling quite anxious about the prospect of giving birth, we now feel far more informed and positive about the experience. Katie is very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and a very calming influence! We’ve really appreciated all the extra research Katie has done on our behalf on particular topics to provide us with even more support. We would highly recommend!

Leah & Stuart

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


Katie has been amazing. I contacted her early on in my pregnancy due to anxieties and she was patient, listened to me and gave brilliant advice to help ease my mind. We then signed up for the course as I was feeling anxious about giving birth. Katie is really easy to get along with. She's informative, friendly and calm to be around. The course has given both myself and my partner some great information about what happens, our choices and how best to help ourselves. If you are feeling concerned about giving birth definitely get in touch with Katie, you won't regret it.

Katie & Dan

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


Thank you for teaching us that birth can be a positive experience, and how we can use hypnobirthing to stay relaxed and focused. We feel more prepared for the birth and are looking forward to putting what we have learnt into practice. Thank you for being a great teacher, you made us feel very relaxed.

Amanda & Dan

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


My husband and I were quite nervous about taking a hypnobirthing course, but Katie was fantastic and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable with everything she is covering. We are still listening to our MP3s and doing the recommended exercises and are both feeling incredibly excited about our birthing journey.
Highly recommend!


Gemma & Martin

The Hypnobirthing Workshop


The Hypnobirthing Workshop was such a valuable experience - it gave me and my partner space to unpack some of the anxieties and worries left over from my first daughter's birth and allowed us time together to focus on the new baby in what has been a very different pregnancy due to Covid. I feel much more relaxed, confident and prepared looking forward to the birth now. Katie is a great guide and incredibly generous with her time - following up with some specific research that was useful for me and keeping in touch. Would absolutely recommend Katie's workshops for any parents-to-be!

Vicky & Paul

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


We really enjoyed our hypnobirthing course with Katie and it has helped us feel as prepared as possible for the birth. Katie has been a great support and source of knowledge/wisdom so far. Would highly recommend!

Tereza & Dominic

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme


An incredibly helpful and informative course. Katie is really friendly and made us feel relaxed and at ease from the start. We now feel a lot more confident and prepared for the birth. We would highly recommend this course to any future parents.

Kayley & Luke

Positive Caesarean Workshop


Very informative and easy to get along with! I would recommend Katie for hypnobirthing, she makes you feel at ease and is very good at what she does.


The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme 


I signed up for hypnobirthing with Katie to help me prepare for labour. It was money well spent. I had a pretty unpleasant first delivery so was aiming to change my feelings about this one into something more positive. I wanted to be more prepared. I really enjoyed the course content i.e. It was informative and felt educational in the sense that a lot is based on science, facts and figures, e.g. how the hormones work and the way the brain functions. There was a wealth of information made available to me from various sources. If I ever had questions Katie would follow up by referring me to various guidance. We had weekly sessions that I looked forward to. Always felt very relaxed afterwards. My husband didn't attend as I booked late in my pregnancy and due to time running out he couldn't get the Fridays off work to join me but I would still recommend mummas to be consider doing the course on their own even if their partners can’t make it.

During labour I used the breathing techniques and visualisations and listened to the guided meditations/music. Certainly in the first stage of labour these helped me. Leading up to the birth I would listen to the tracks at bedtime. I think Katie as a mother herself (she has two young kids of her own) can empathise with fears some women have leading up to birth and gives great advice from first hand experience. Katie has also been supporting directing me to breastfeeding advice since I had my baby due to her tongue tie so I am really appreciative of that and would do a refresher course of I got pregnant again. Thanks Katie for all your help on my journey.

Steph & Stephen

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme 

We signed up to the full course after attending a taster session. We found the taster session really informative and then knew we wanted to complete the full course. Before the taster session we were unsure of what hypnobirthing really was. 

Katie is very knowledgeable on hypnobirthing and her passion for this is very clear. Katie had been a great instructor. We had a lot of questions throughout the course, and Katie was always very happy to go through anything we did not understand and explain it in a way we understood. 

At the start of the course, our thoughts on giving birth were centred on pain and fear. Now having completed the course, this has made us feel in control of the experience, which we are now looking forward to. It was really useful that the course involved the birthing partner and how they can help in making the birth experience positive for all parties. 

As well as gaining these valuable techniques for the birth, we feel that we will be able to use these techniques in our everyday life. 


Sam & Tom    

The Hypnobirthing Workshop

Really enjoyed the course, we learnt a lot more than we expected and were pleased that the course went over much more in terms of what to expect during labour and birth as well as the psychological part on how powerful your mindset can be in having a smooth birth.

Was good to see it included a lot about the birthing partner's role as well which has helped.

Georgie & Ross  

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme    

We enjoyed all the information and knowledge of Katie. The fact it was science based and factual is how we learn and take things on so that really helped.

Me and my wife did The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme with Katie over the past few weeks. She was brilliant, very knowledgeable and gave great confidence to us. Being a man when my wife came to me and said she wanted to participate in the course I was slightly sceptical. However, now understanding how important the husband's role is throughout labour I think a lot of Dads would benefit. Knowledge truly is power!

Jo & Marios

The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme 

We did our hypnobirthing course with Katie via Zoom. Katie made sure we still had all the information and materials needed, so we didn't feel we had missed out by doing the course online. 

Whilst we wanted to do a hypnobirthing course for use in labour, the exercises and guided meditations were very helpful to reduce anxiety during pregnancy as well. Katie was reassuring and calm, providing sensible and practical advice to any questions we had, and finding out more information where required.

The course with Katie helped us to feel as prepared for the birth as we could be. We found it really helpful to speak to someone who helped us to be aware of all the options open to us so we felt comfortable about our birth experience and could make the decisions that were right for us. 

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