I signed up for hypnobirthing with Katie to help me prepare for labour. It was money well spent. I had a pretty unpleasant first delivery so was aiming to change my feelings about this one into something more positive. I wanted to be more prepared. I really enjoyed the course content i.e. It was informative and felt educational in the sense that a lot is based on science, facts and figures, e.g. how the hormones work and the way the brain functions. There was a wealth of information made available to me from various sources. If I ever had questions Katie would follow up by referring me to various guidance. We had weekly sessions that I looked forward to. Always felt very relaxed afterwards. My husband didn't attend as I booked late in my pregnancy and due to time running out he couldn't get the Fridays off work to join me but I would still recommend mummas to be consider doing the course on their own even if their partners can’t make it.

During labour I used the breathing techniques and visualisations and listened to the guided meditations/music. Certainly in the first stage of labour these helped me. Leading up to the birth I would listen to the tracks at bedtime. I think Katie as a mother herself (she has two young kids of her own) can empathise with fears some women have leading up to birth and gives great advice from first hand experience. Katie has also been supporting directing me to breastfeeding advice since I had my baby due to her tongue tie so I am really appreciative of that and would do a refresher course of I got pregnant again. Thanks Katie for all your help on my journey.

Steph & Stephen

We signed up to the full course after attending a taster session. We found the taster session really informative and then knew we wanted to complete the full course. Before the taster session we were unsure of what hypnobirthing really was. 

Katie is very knowledgeable on hypnobirthing and her passion for this is very clear. Katie had been a great instructor. We had a lot of questions throughout the course, and Katie was always very happy to go through anything we did not understand and explain it in a way we understood. 

At the start of the course, our thoughts on giving birth were centred on pain and fear. Now having completed the course, this has made us feel in control of the experience, which we are now looking forward to. It was really useful that the course involved the birthing partner and how they can help in making the birth experience positive for all parties. 

As well as gaining these valuable techniques for the birth, we feel that we will be able to use these techniques in our everyday life. 


Sam & Tom    

Really enjoyed the course (The Hypnobirthing Workshop), we learnt a lot more than we expected and were pleased that the course went over much more in terms of what to expect during labour and birth as well as the psychological part on how powerful your mindset can be in having a smooth birth.

Was good to see it included a lot about the birthing partner's role as well which has helped.

Georgie & Ross     

We enjoyed all the information and knowledge of Katie. The fact it was science based and factual is how we learn and take things on so that really helped.

Me and my wife did The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme with Katie over the past few weeks. She was brilliant, very knowledgeable and gave great confidence to us. Being a man when my wife came to me and said she wanted to participate in the course I was slightly sceptical. However, now understanding how important the husband's role is throughout labour I think a lot of Dads would benefit. Knowledge truly is power!

Jo & Marios

We did our hypnobirthing course with Katie via Zoom. Katie made sure we still had all the information and materials needed, so we didn't feel we had missed out by doing the course online. 

Whilst we wanted to do a hypnobirthing course for use in labour, the exercises and guided meditations were very helpful to reduce anxiety during pregnancy as well. Katie was reassuring and calm, providing sensible and practical advice to any questions we had, and finding out more information where required.

The course with Katie helped us to feel as prepared for the birth as we could be. We found it really helpful to speak to someone who helped us to be aware of all the options open to us so we felt comfortable about our birth experience and could make the decisions that were right for us.