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A Guide To Pregnancy Casting

Updated: Feb 7

A Guest Post from Laura's Treasured Prints

Pregnancy casting, or what is traditionally called belly masking, is the art of capturing your pregnant form in plaster.

At Laura’s Treasured Prints I have been capturing people’s special moments since 2014 with beautiful life casts. Why not turn your bump into a piece of art? Pregnancy is such a special time and each bump is totally unique. I loved having a huge pregnancy belly!

It can be easy to forget the beauty of your bump, and the amazing way your body changed shape and grew. A pregnancy cast is the perfect way to capture your baby’s first home as a piece of art and create a tangible memory forever.

Different types of pregnancy casts

I offer two different type of pregnancy casting - high definition and low definition.

High definition casting captures every little detail of your pregnancy bump including skin texture! A high definition cast is taken with a casting gel called alginate which is supported with a plaster bandage shell. High definition casts can either be created in plaster, or in composite resin which weighs less.

Low definition casting captures your pregnancy shape but doesn’t show skin texture. It is taken using plaster bandages which are then strengthened and perfectly smoothed. Low definition belly bowls are the perfect prop for a newborn photo shoot.

When is the best time to create a cast?

Pregnancy casts are best done between 7 to 9 months pregnant, although if you want a bump bowl to use in a new born photo shoot it is best to do the cast at around 36- 37 weeks so it’s big enough to pop your newborn back into it.

Is it safe?

Both types of belly casting are completely safe for both mum and baby. You will be seated for the whole casting process. Before the cast I ask that you eat a good meal, and inform me of any medical conditions.

So if you are thinking about creating your own piece of truly personal art please head to

Or find me on Facebook or Instagram @lauras_treasuredprints

My studio is in Shirley in Southampton or I can sometimes offer home visits, just contact me for details.

One of my recent pregnancy cast reviews:

“ I was very much out of my comfort zone when it came to wanting a pregnancy cast, Laura went out of her way taking me through the process making me feel comfortable. We have commissioned her to do something else for us now that our baby is born. Laura thank you for helping us create a memory that will last for ever and for being part of my pregnancy journey. You are so talented and I feel very blessed to have pieces created by you” - Toya 2023

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